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About Our Fredericksburg Lodging

We have something beautiful to share with you.

Our Story

We came up with the idea of opening a bed and breakfast after we bought the building. KingWood Fine Cabinetry has been a high-end cabinet-making company for many years, and we used the downstairs area of the studio as a cabinet showroom. In an attempt to help our customers see what our cabinets would look like once they were installed, we set up several well-lit vignettes for them to examine. By walking through these home snapshots, it helped them imagine where these cabinets would fit in their own bathrooms and kitchens. After visiting, our guests always had a better idea of what cabinets they wanted and where they would install them. The second floor of the building was hardly ever seen by customers. It was simply a storage area, home to little more than sawdust and a few unfinished projects.

When we decided to open a Bed and Breakfast atop our cabinet showroom, we realized we already knew a lot about beautifying homes. It was a relatively natural process to use our expertise in decor and furnishings to create something truly amazing for our future guests. Now when we take them through the showroom and up the stairs to the front lobby, they are always blown away by the luxurious atmosphere so neatly hidden from the outside world.

The lobby is breathtaking. It is a place where people can congregate around the fireplace to laugh, talk, mingle and relax. Some have rented all the suites at one time and held parties here. Just off the lobby is a media room with a sofa and flatscreen TV.

For our guests who need something extra to help them relieve stress, there is a room off the lobby where Pilates sessions are held by our private instructor. In this same room, a single message or a couple's massage can be held.

We have something beautiful to share with you. We hope you accept our invitation to come discover Fredericksburg's best-kept secret.
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